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I found a dead squirrel in the yard today. I recon it were killed by a dog or a cat or something. I don't recon it had much of a chance against an animal like that. Most of the smaller animals don't. there are a lot of dogs and cats around this place. I recon they make quite a bit of sport of squirrels. I recon they make quite a bit of sport of me, chasing me around and barking and whatnot. One of them dogs bit me on my head and plum near took my ear off. I yelled at it and told it to leave me alone but it didn't listen. I recon it didn't listen too good. I recon that dogs aren't much fer listening because one time I told a dog to get me a biscuit from the table and it went and ate the biscuit it's own self. I figure it muster been hungrier than I was, but that weren't the right way to go about getting food. I recon I kicked that dog in it's head. That weren't the right way to go about punishing that dog, but I recon I was right angry.

They sent me to bed without my biscuits and mustard. I recon I deserved that a fair bit.

That's all I want to say.
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