Karl Childers (slingblade) wrote,
Karl Childers

I like these french fried potaters

They showed us a movie in the hospital. I reckon it was a reward for us. we done the best in the hospital basket weaving contest. i reckon our baskets were best. I ain't looking to be better than no one else. I just like to weave baskets.

The movie they played for us was mighty peculiar. it featured this one feller who was trying to take advatage of the little girls in his school. I don't think I understood a lot of it but I reckon I understood the important parts. The feller who starred was a feller by the name of Jim. He goes to school with some other fellers and they all want to take advantage of girls in the school. A fair bit of it was funny but there was a fair bit of it that I didn't understand. The movie starts off with this Jim character watchin a dirty movie and it pretty well goes on like that for the whole movie. I reckon that you can figger out the rest. There were some strange parts that I didn't quite understand. Like when the feller put his pecker in the pie. Sometimes movies are too strange for me to understand but I reckon I understand enough of em to get by.

There was this one lady who carried around with her a flute. I reckon she was in the band. She said she was going put her flute in her pussy but I dont reckon that's a right nice thing to do to a cat. There was this also this part where this feller had to use the toilet but I reckon he didn't want to use the facilities in the school but he felt he had to go on and use em, and another feller tricked him into usin the females bathroom. that was a right cruel trick. I remember when I was in school and the fellers used to make a bit of sport with me. One time this one feller by the name of Harvey Walker made me eat a bit of dog droppings. I don't reckon I like to think about that none, so don't ask me anymore.
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