November 15th, 2002


alright then

I forgot about my internet journal. I reckon it gets hard to remember when that raymond feller keeps replacin all of my favorites with the wheel of fortune website. I reckon that makes me a might bit mad.

I seen him do it the other day. He were just sittin there at the computer, an he kept hit "add to favorites" over and over and sayin to himself "wheel... of.... fortune!" an whompin himself in the head. I reckon I felt like helpin him with the whompin, but I reckon they woulda made me sit in the quiet room.

I found myself outside today. I reckon it were rainin mighty hard. I weren't doin anything. Just settin there. That orderly feller Donnie came upta me and I reckon he were mighty confused, because he hollered at me "hey! You Karl! What're you doin out in the rain?" and I reckon I didnt know what to tell him, so I kept on just lookin at my shoes. I reckon that confused him a fairbit. He came out and he pulled me in by my arm and I coulda fought him but I reckon I was gettin a fair bit cold so it were probably better I should come in anyhow.

Last week we had ourselves our anual talent contest. I usually don't associate myself with those types of things, cause I reckon they make me a might bit nervous. But Doctor Denny told me that he reckoned it might help me feel better about myself or something, so i reckon I didn't feel like arguing with him.

I reckon that me and three other fellers were up to sing a song. But when it came time to sing the other fellers just pretended to play the git-tar and left me to do all the singin. That's how these things usually go. Everyone leaves things to old Karl to take care of. I reckon that aint fair, but I reckon that's how it is. So I stood up on the stage, just as nervous as could be, and I reckon I had on my wig and my ripped tshirt and I recon that tape were playin.

So I started singin it. I reckon I sang pretty good all things considered, because people went on hollerin and clapping and whatnot.

The song went something like this:

Welcome to the jungle, errhmm
We got fun and games, errhmmm
We got everything ye want, errhmmm
I reckon we know the names.

Ye know where you are? I reckon you're in the jungle, errhmm. I reckon you're gonna die, cause I aim to kill ye.

Now I'm a might bit nervous thinking about that. I reckon I'm gonna go have some milk and a nap.
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