Karl Childers (slingblade) wrote,
Karl Childers

something or other

1) Full name: Karl Childers
2) Sex: M
3) Birthday: I reckon i was born some time ago
4) Height: I'm a pretty big feller
5) Weight: Im a pretty big feller
6) Hair color: I reckon what's left of it is brown
7) Eye color: blue
8) Ethnic background: Nervous Hospital
9) Birthplace: County Hospital
10) Hometown: Arkansas
11) Father's full name: Neil
12) Mother's full name: I reckon her name was momma
13) Sibling(s): just me


14) Song: I reckon I like that one bout that dog in the window. i reckon it suits me just fine
15) Band/singer: me
16) Actor: I don't got one
17) Actress: I don't reckon I got one of those either
18) Movie: I don't watch much of the TV
19) Book: The Bible
20) Author: I reckon I like Author Fonzereli just fine
21) Clothing brand name: don't know
22) Animal: I reckon I like dogs
23) Day of the week: tuesday. biscuits and mustard day
24) Color: I reckon blue suits me
25) Food: Biscuits and mustard. pottered meat, french fried potaters
26) Class in school: i didn't fair too well in school.
27) Store: Frosty Cream
28) City: I only been to one
29) Country: I reckon America suits me just fine
30) Vacation spot: outside
31) Sport: I reckon I like pinball just fine
32) Game [as in "board", or otherwise]: parchiese
33) Car: i can't drive
34) Internet site: I don't reckon I do much on the intreenet. I suppose it would be my journal
35) Ice cream flavor: vaniller
36) Season: spring
37) Month: may
38) Holiday: christmas
39) Number: 3
40) Cartoon: I reckon I like Blues Clues
41) TV show: don't watch much TV.
42) Fictional character: I don't know what you mean
43) Perfume/cologne: none
44) Hobby: I reckon I like to tinker with a lawnmower a fair bit
45) Flavor: I told ye, vaniller
46) Scent: pine
47) Quote: errrhmmm
48) Word: reckon


49) Hot or cold: cold
50) Sweet or sour: sweet
51) Spicy or bland: bland
52) Fast or slow: Slow
53) Black or white: White
54) Half-full or half-empty: i dont know what you're talking about
55) Long or short: short
56) More or less: I reckon i like it just how it iz
57) Soft or hard: same thing
s8) Rough or smooth: smooth
59) Air, land or sea: land. i reckon if i were in the sea, i would drown. if i were in the air, i would fall. that doesnt suit me one bit
60) Light or dark: Dark
61) Straight or curly: straight
62) Straight or curvy: stright
63) Large or small: i dont reckon i care
64) Fat or thin: middle
65) E-mail or letter: i don't talk much to people. they don't usually have much to say to me
66) Phone or instant message: don't care
67) Day or night: day
68) Breakfast, lunch or dinner: i reckon dinner
69) Past, present or future: present. it's all we've got
70) Radio or CD: radio
71) MTV or VH1: i don't reckon I know what that is
72) Brush or comb: comb
73) Slide, see-saw or swings: see-saw
74) Doing or watching: watching
75) Mind or body: don't care
76) Consciousness, subconsciousness or unconsciousness: don't know
78) Water or juice: water
79) Ocean or pool: none. can't swim
80) Treadmill or road: road
81) Speaker-phone or hand-held: don't got one
82) AIM or ICQ: i reckon it's AIM that's on this machine.
83) Rain or shine: shine
84) Cat or dog: dog
85) Innie or outie: don't know
86) Inside or outside: outside
87) Up/high or down/low: ?
88) Closet or dresser-drawers: dresser
89) Bed frame or only mattress: bed frame
90) Silver or gold: gold


91) Do you enjoy living in your town?: I reckon it suits me fine
92) Do you smoke?: no
93) Do you drink?: water and juice
94) How often do you shower?: three times a week
95) Do people you live with complain about the water bill because of the lengths of your showers?: I don't reckon I've heard much of a complaint from anyone.
96) Do you trust others easily?: yes
97) Have you ever lied to a friend?: no
98) Are you trustworthy?: yes
99) Are you anyone's secret-keeper?: yes
100) Are you a daredevil?: no
101) Have/would you skydive?: not that i can recolect
102) Have/would you bungee jump?: not that i can recolect
103) Have/would you play "Chicken"?: not that i can recolect
104) If granted one wish, what would it be?: I reckon I'd wish for some french fried potaters
105) Do you like to dance?: no
106) Which do you prefer -- slow or fast dancing?: no
107) Do you like to swim?: can't
108) Do you make friends easily?: i reckon I do alright
109) If so, where do you most often make friends?: in the yard
110) Do you color your hair?: not that i can recolect
111) Do you wear makeup?: not that i can recolect
112) Are you a person who lies a lot?: no
113) What religion do you practice, if any?: I reckon I follow the good book, which makes me a christian.
114) Do you like high heels?: not that i can recolect
115) Are you homophobic?: the good book says that a man ort not lay down with another man
116) Do you like to travel?: i reckon I like to get around
117) Granted you are American, have you ever been out of the state?: not that i can recolect
118) Do you own any pets?: no
119) Do you have a cell phone/pager?: not that i can recolect
120) Do like amusement parks?: not that i can recolect
121) If so, what is your favorite park/ride?: no
122) Do you collect anything?: no
123) Do you enjoy having your picture taken?: no
124) Do you keep your room/apartment/dorm clean?: yes
125) Do you get annoyed easily?: no
126) Would you consider yourself a depressed person?: no
127) Have you ever been to a concert?: not that i can recolect
128) If so, who/what did you see?: no
129) Have you ever performed in public?: not that i can recolect
130) Do you have any piercings?: no
131) Do you have any tattoos?: no
132) Do you dream often?: yes
133) Do you frequently daydream?: no
134) Do you have a job?: no
135) What was your first job?: none
136) Do you have any health problems?: they tell me I'm criminally insane.
137) Are you a vegetarian?: no
138) Have you ever been in a crash?: not that i can recolect
139) Have you ever had a near-death experience: I killed three people
140) Have you ever won anything?: not that i can recolect
141) Do you play a musical instrument?: no
142) Have you ever had someone close to you die?: I plum near cut my momma's head off with a keiser blade. some folks call it a sling blade, but I call it a keiser blade
143) Have you ever broken a bone?: yes
144) Have you ever had stitches?: yes
145) Do you have any scars?: yes
146) Have you ever had major surgery?: I reckon they took out my apendix.
147) What is your earliest memory?: I reckon it was finding my brother
148) Have you ever gotten in a physical fight?: yes
149) What is your dream job?: I don't reckon I have one
150) Do you plan on having kids?: no
151) What phrase do you use the most?: reckon
152) Have you met/do you know anyone famous?: not that i can recolect
153) Do you carry a wallet/purse?: no. just my books
154) Have you ever baby-sat?: not that i can recolect
155) In what position do you sleep?: i reckon I sleep on my back a fair bit
156) Have you ever fallen asleep on someone else's bed?: not that i can recolect
157) Have you ever fallen asleep on someone else?: no
158) Do you put on a front for anyone?: not that i can recolect
159) Do you cry?: not that i can recolect
160) Do you have a pen-pal?: no
161) If so, how long have you been communicating?: no
162) Do you have friends in other parts of the world?: no
163) Have you ever gotten in trouble with the police?: I reckon I was arrested when I killed them folks
164) Have you ever committed a felony?: yes
165) Do you believe in fate?: no
166) Have you ever been skinny-dipping?: not that i can recolect
167) Do you believe in yourself?: i suppose
168) What kind of pin-ups do you have on your walls?: none
169) What is the background on your computer screen of?: i don't understand
170) What languages do you know?: i reckon I know american
171) Have you ever visited another country?: not that i can recolect
172) Have you ever needed to call 911?: yes. the feller by the name of Doyle Hardgraves told me to call and tell em they needed to send an ambulance. then I cut his head in two
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